Walking on an underwater treadmill produces better measures of exercise performance compared to conventional treadmill walking after a stroke.

Quelling Water Fears with Rubber Ducks

Many people have fond childhood memories of their favorite rubber duck. Therapists at Glendale Adventist Medical Center have figured out a way to combine those positive thoughts with pool therapy.

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aquatic therapy class


Hands-On Aquatic Therapy Techniques for the Ortho & Neuro Therapist: A Survey Course

Davenport, IA
October 15-16, 2017
16.0 Credit Hours
19 CCUs

aquatic therapy class

Get ready to get stuffed, saturated and wrinkled! This “how-to” seminar will put your body in the pool for 2 unbelievably extensive days of skill acquisition (16 hours of class; over 10 hours of pool lab). Think of this as the Appetizer Sampler of Aquatic Therapy seminars. You will be exposed to 10 popular aquatic techniques currently being used in clinics across the globe -- and learn 2 or 3 new ones. Why sit for 16 hours of lecture on theory? Instead, get in the water and learn hands-on handling techniques that will leave you with new, concrete skills and the confidence to apply them to your patients with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. And you’ll have a blast doing it. 

1. Verbalize the difference between functional improvement and patient satisfaction.

2. Combine ideas into a 2-week and 2-month executable plan designed to improve both function and satisfaction in the participant's clinical setting

3. Locate literature which supports the need to address patient satisfaction in order to improve outcomes. Appraise this literature on the basis of the Pedro (Physiotherapy effectiveness database) scale.

4. Verbally compare and contrast precautions, indications and benefits of aquatic therapy for the most common orthopedic and neurological conditions seen in the pool.

5. Demonstrate the ability to manipulate hydrodynamic properties of water while coordinating a multi-step action using the proper sequence and control. Participant will teach the same skill to a partner and make corrections in the partner's execution of the following techniques as necessary.

6. Participant will be able to verbalize a reason why he or she values at least 2 aquatic techniques and not others.

7. In a pool lab environment, with a partner: propose, execute and then evaluate at least 2 water-based solutions designed to: · increase ROM, · improve strength, · decrease hypertonicity, · decrease pain, · improve trunk stability, · improve balance and proprioception, and · improve functional skills.

8. Justify at least aquatic treatment of clients with specific orthopedic or neuro diagnoses in two ways:

A. Verbally - through 3 attempts at spontaneous verbalization of the "1 minute justification speech" and B. In a brief writing lab.

9. Examine and modify a sample therapy protocol by appropriately integrating aquatic techniques into the land-based protocol.

10. Design progressions of aquatic treatment programs incorporating and blending a variety of aquatic therapy techniques and utilizing each technique at the appropriate stage in rehabilitation.


8:00-12:00 Lecture and Land Lab (15 minute energy break at 10:00)

12:00-1:00 - Change and eat lunch

1:00-3:15 - Pool Lab

3:15-3:30 - Energy Break

3:30-5:45 - Pool Lab


8:00-12:00 Lecture and Land Lab (15 minute energy break at 10:00)

12:00-1:00 - Change and eat lunch

1:00-3:15 - Pool Lab

3:15-3:30 - Energy Break

3:30-5:45 - Pool Lab



Three 30-minute pool sessions per week resulted in increased strength, calming, social interaction and reduced spasticity in Indian special-education children.

Dry Drowning Nearly Claims Another Victim

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -Two-year-old Aliycea Sanders is laughing and playing after recovering from a scary ordeal over the weekend.

This mobile hot-tub gives new meaning to the term car-pooling.

Hydrathletics Expands in Belleville

Loyalist College photo Joe Stilwell, Loyalist graduate, is the owner of Hydrathletics. Stilwell’s business has expanded since opening in 2012 with a new location in Stittsville and a goal to open 10 more locations across the province.

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