Katey Blehm is the only speech therapist in the Colorado Springs area who does aquatic speech therapy, and the only aquatic speech therapist she is aware of in the state. Colorado has a shortage of SLPs according to Blehm, and it’s been that way for a while.

Ailene Tisser, MA PT goes on Fox News NY to explain how her clinic, Angelfish Therapy, helps waterproof children with autism.

When her son Amir suffered a near drowning accident leaving him severely brain injured, she left her career in marketing behind and looked for any type of therapy to allow him to move and rehabilitate.

Listen in as the clinic director of Sports Plus AquaTherapies gets ready for their Grand Opening and ATU's upcoming Elite Athlete class.

When Darren Bass, DPT knew he wanted to advance care at Cox Rehab and Sports Medicine, he determined aquatic therapy was the answer.

Eight years ago Stacy Lynch of Summit Therapy Group, Phoenix, Ariz. was thrown into the aquatic therapy pool and since then, he hasn’t looked back.

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