YouTube has created a new service for your iPhone. It's called YouTube Director and was created as an effortless way for businesses to create promotional videos for their products and services. The app interviews you, then uses your answers to merge text into the short video snippets it suggests you take, then overlays the music of your choice and voila! Click Done and your ad video is on the web—for free. Take a look to see if there isn't a way it can make your clinic and therapists shine and leave a comment so others can see if it's the right fit for them.

The YouTube Director app is currently only available for iPhone in the US and Canada. Coming soon to Android.
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See how businesses are using YouTube Director.

Get Inspired

Get started right away.

Choose a template

Download App

Download the app on your iPhone and select from ready-to-go templates that'll help you introduce your business, and show potential customers what you have to offer.

Shoot and edit

Shoot and edit

Just point your phone and shoot — the app will show you what to do step-by-step. Easily add text, animations and music to create a polished video ad.

Start advertising

Start advertising

Upload your finished video to YouTube and start promoting your business to customers. One of our AdWords experts will help you set up your video ad.


Want to work with a professional?

With YouTube Director onsite, a professional filmmaker will come to your business and shoot a video ad—for free—when you spend $150 running ads on YouTube.

YouTube Director onsite is currently only available in select cities in the U.S.

Work with professional

Every business has a story to tell.

Here are four popular ad formats that can work for your business, no matter how you create your video.


Introduce your business


Highlight your product


Create promotions


Educate your customers

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